Immortal cravings

Have you ever had the experience of getting something that you had been wanting so badly and realizing that it wasn't as satisfying as you expected it would be when it finally happened? What is that about? Maybe it's about the distinction between desperation and desire.

There have been a few times when I was really craving some type of food- maybe french fries, a donut or chocolate cake (Mmmmmm, I just had a moment…okay, I'm back now) . And if I was able to indulge that craving, I found that I was mistaken in thinking that it would leave me feeling as complete as I had hoped it would after I ate it. 

Longing for something intensely is generally not a pleasant, peaceful feeling. It is based on emptiness. Anything that starts from emptiness really can never be fulfilling. This is what it feels like to be desperate. And desperation never finds satisfaction. 

Desires that originate from a feeling of completeness, however, leave room for fulfillment. For instance, if I love the idea of having a life partner and just keep that close to my heart when I'm single rather than feeling an intense need for another person to be with, I'm probably more open to finding a healthy relationship. 

The good news is that intense desperation always has the possibility of being transformed into pure desire. All that is required is a realization of our innate completeness (our Creator does not design something that is devoid of anything) and a willingness to be open to Soul's renewing power (in Christian Science, Soul is one of seven synonyms for God, along with Mind, Spirit, Life, Truth, Love, and Principle). Mary Baker Eddy writes, "Soul is the infinite source of bliss: only high and holy joy can satisfy immortal cravings" (Miscellaneous Writings, 287). 

Since we are all inherently immortal children of God, our cravings can only be satisfied ultimately by immortal things. That doesn't mean you can't go ahead and enjoy a yummy donut or a fun date. But if you're desperate for it, you won't enjoy it as much as if you discover what you truly desire. High and holy joy is pretty awesome and hard to top.